Zimx Hoverboard Segway

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Zimx Hoverboard Segway

The Zimx Hoverboard Segway is our most popular, agile and durable Segway board available. Also available in lots of other different exclusive limited edition colours.

Zimx Hoverboard Segway Specifications

  • Samsung Battery with LED indicator will let you know how much juice you have left, so you know when it is time for another charge.
  • Exclusive LED light-up wheels will be the talk of the town when riding your Swegway with your friends.
  • High Power LED pathfinder lights under each foot panel to help you see where you are going.
  • Bluetooth for playing and listening to your music from your phone through your segway’s built-in speaker.
  • Intuitive Control’s three-axis gyro-sensors and accelerometers precisely monitor angular changes to make controlling the board feel natural.
  • The regenerative Braking board will take advantage of every opportunity to save energy by maintaining the weight limit and recharging the battery during braking and downhill riding.
  • Rapid Charge Battery your board will only take approximately 2.5 hours for a full charge from a dead/low battery level, and you will be able to ride for 2.5 to 3 hours (approx) until your board needs another charge (based on 50kg rider weight and travelling 7mph on relatively smooth riding condition) and this use time is reduced when the board is used in conjunction with a hover kart or hoverbike attached to it.
  • Quiet Motor Technology duel electric motors operate almost silently while still allowing you to cruise up to 5 times faster than walking. It’s the best example of green transportation.
  • The powerful Motor’s high-quality magnet and stator material provide efficient, reliable power. These powerful motors allow you to cruise your board at speeds upto 9mph.
  • Tyre size: 6.5 Inches
  • Casing: High-Grade Plastic
  • Motor: x2 200W
  • Charger: UL Certified with a BSI 1363 UK 3-pin plug
  • Charge time: 2 to 2.5 hours
  • Battery : Lithium-ion 36v DC, 2.0AH, 72Wh, 10 Cells Pack (Jetech JT-BC201 – UL Certified)
  • Max Speed: 9mph | Min weight 20kg | Max weight: 110kg
  • UL-2272: Fully Certified Hoverboard, Highest Hoverboard Safety Standard
  • Suitable for Ages 6+ years to Adults

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