Perfect 35 Instant Water Heater

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Perfect 35 Instant Water Heater

  • Smallest instant water heater on the UK market
  • Current intensity 15.2A
  • New electronic control prolongs the working life
  • Designed for wash basins and small sinks
  • Easily hidden under sinks and cupboards

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Perfect 35 Instant Water Heater

is for use under sinks rated at 3.5kW. The P35 is the smallest instant water heater on the UK market, therefore ideal for limited space installations. This instant water heater is an award-winning heater manufactured in Europe to the highest standards. ‘Non vented’ means they do not require any special taps, or expansion kits, ideal for use with standard pressure taps with spray nozzle. If spray nozzles are not fitted this kit is supplied with the spray adaptor that fits any standard tap. The Perfect 35 is CE approved, uses simple electronics to control the flow and temperature making them extremely safe, reliable, and very energy efficient, the power is only used when the tap is in use! The P35 will achieve temperatures of 48C at a maximum flow rate of 1.5ltrs / min (calculated on water inlet temperatures of 15C minimum). Ideal flow rate setting of 2ltrs / min to achieve 40C (calculated on water inlet temperatures of 15C minimum)


  • Supplied with 3 x flexible hoses for a quick and easy installation
  • Standard hose and Flexi hose length: Smallest 180mm & 2 x longest 300mm
  • Flexi hose option: Standard BSP fittings or 15 mm push-fit Flexi hoses!
  • The maximum flow rate of 2ltr/min
  • Max flow rate temperatures 32C – 48C, (calculated on a water inlet temperature of 15C)
  • Recommend using standard taps with a spray head tap fitting
  • Supplied with line filter and spray nozzle to be used with standard tap fittings
  • Easily hidden under sinks and cupboards
  • Minimum Voltage UK 230V
  • Current intensity 15.2A
  • New electronic control prolongs the working life
  • Designed for washbasins or small sink
  • Maximum working pressures up to 6.5 bar
  • Minimum working pressure 0.6 bar
  • Connects directly into the cold water mains supply

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