Wylex Circuit Breaker B32

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The Wylex Circuit Breaker B32 NHXB32 is used to control and protect the electrical panel. It also controls and protects the other devices from overflowing of electrical power. Circuit breakers are used to maintain and ensure safety and quality of the energy provided.

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Wylex Circuit Breaker B32

Circuit breakers such as the Wylex Circuit Breaker B32 NHXB32 are used to control and protect electrical panels. They will also control and protect any other devices connected to the electric panel.  Therefore overflowing or electrical power from overheating can be prevented. Circuit breakers are used to maintain and ensure the safety and quality of the energy provided.

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What do I need a Wylex Circuit Breaker B32  for?

Circuit breakers are automatically operated electrical switches. Being designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage. Therefore and especially damage caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit. The basic function is to interrupt the current flow after a fault is detected.

 A bit about Wylex

There are so many reasons to choose Wylex.  Wylex is a market-leading brand in circuit protection.  Wylex has a varied range of solutions to help get the best out of your next project. They will help you to comply with the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations when using their Arc Fault Detection Devices. Wylex Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs) include AFD, MCB & RCD technology to provide protection against overload. Short circuit. Earth leakage and arc fault conditions. Offering the best NHVM160 Panelboards for your next commercial installation.  The 125A Vertical Stack Lighting and Power MCB Distribution Boards.  You will also benefit from having more space in your next consumer unit thanks to the Miniature RCBOs.

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