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With the POLYVISION Room Wizard RW10 you can quickly organize confusing and un-orderly meeting scheduling routines. Know instantly what meeting rooms are available. Access schedule of meetings and duration from anywhere.  Be able to view statistics about meeting frequency, duration. Being planned vs impromptu, etc therefore avoiding double room bookings.

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With the POLYVISION Room Wizard RW10 you will be able to quickly organise scheduling routines. Therefore gone are the days of confusing and un-orderly meetings. You will know instantly what meeting rooms are available. You will be able to access schedule of meetings and duration from anywhere.  

Specification for the POLYVISION Room Wizard RW10

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD):
  • Resolution: 640×480 pixels (VGA)
  • Brightness: 300 milli candelas
  • Viewing Angle: 160
  • Colors: 4,096 supported
  • Enclosure colors: Midnight black with satin aluminum covers
  • Type: Double backlit TFT with touchscreen
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours in use at optimal brightnessTouch-sensitive, low-glare, stain-resistant Teflon � surface
Printed Circuit Board (PCB):
  • Processor: National Semiconductor Goede GX1
  • 200 MHz processor w/ SDRAM controller and I/O companion
  • Memory: 64 MB SODIMM RAM
  • Hard Drive: 10 Gigabyte
  • IEEE802.3 10 Base-T Ethernet via RJ45USB
  • IrDA 1.1 compatible
  • PCMCIA Slot
  • USB
  • Linux Kernel 2.2.18Tomcat webserver – v.4.0_b7Java RunTime (JRE) – 1.3.0_02
  • Proprietary application framework
Accessories (Included:
  • Drywall mounting hardware18 gauge milled steel mounting hardware Anti-dislodgment feature built into the attachment brackets Power supply:
  • 6 feet (1.8m) power input cord
  • 6.6 feet (2.01m) power output cord
  • Wire Management Kit
  • Glass Mount
Power Source:
  • 90/264 Volts (AC) transformed to 5 Volts (DC)
  • 40 Watts
  • FCC Class A, CSA, NRTL, UL, CE, TUV
  • EN50082-1, EN 6100-4-2,3,4 Level 3,2,2, IEC801-2,3,4 Level 3,2,
Operating temperature 50 to 104 F (10 to 40 C)

These units are supplied with wall brackets – NO POWER CABLE IS INCLUDED. The units have been used but are sold in working order.

We have a current stock of 8 units.  If you wish to purchase more than 4 units then please send us an email to info@capricornelectrical.co.uk let us know how many that you require and we can offer a discounted price.

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