Aico Hard Wired Alarm Control Switch

Part Code – EI529RC



Aico Hard Wired Alarm Control Switch

The Aico Hard Wired Alarm Control Switch is used to control all the alarms in a system from one place. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to fit a control switch if you have smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide alarms on the same system and It is essential that you are able to tell which alarm has sounded. From here you can identify which danger is present and the action you should take.

Aico Hard Wired Alarm Control Switch Specifications

  • Compiles with electrical safety requirements: EN61000-6-1:2007 Et EN61000-6-2:2005 (EMC Directive) and EN60065:2001 + A12:2011 (Low voltage directive).
  • Low Voltage and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives.
  • Wall-mounted for ease of use – can be fixed with surface mount box supplied, or will fit a standard recessed box (not supplied).
  • Suitable for sitting at any convenient point in the property. Up to 4 x, Ei1529RC switches can be installed in a hardwired system along with a maximum of 16 x 3000, 2110e, 160e or 140R
  • The unit incorporates 3 switches marked ‘Locate’, ‘Test’, and ‘Hush’. These provide control features as detailed below and a mains check function as detailed below
  • Easily installed via a 3 wire connection of living,
  • Neutral and Interconnect/Control (as standard smoke/heat alarm wiring).
  • Dimensions: 90mm x 90mm x 40mm deep.
  • Weight inclusive of packaging: 240g.
  • Manufactured in Ireland.

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